San Diego Fellowship awards record number of Scripps students, including Garfield Kwan

The San Diego Fellowship awards graduate students disadvantaged backgrounds who have defied odds and overcome adversity. This year, the San Diego Fellowship awarded four Scripps students, one of whom is Garfield Kwan. Garfield is a newly admitted student who has a background in helping the Karen people from the City Heights community. He created and directed the City Heights Outreach Ministry … Read More

Dr. Katie Barott wins the Scholander Award from the American Physiological Society

Katie Barott, a postdoctoral scholar at the Tresguerres lab (SIO), has been honored with the Scholander Award for her research in coral physiology during the 2014 American Physiological Society’s Meeting in San Diego. Her talk was titled “Cellular Mechanisms by Which Coral Cells Can Promote Photosynthesis by Their Symbiotic Algae” based on work done in collaboration with Alex Venn and … Read More

Recent publication on Black Perch behavior in HAB conditions

Large-scale algal blooms are predicted off the California coast. In this paper, Hamilton, Paz-Yepes, Morrison, Palenik and Tresguerres studies how the behavior of Black Perches (Embiotoca jacksoni) will be affected by algal blooms, specifically two strains of algae (CC9311 and CC9902) . The paper can be found at this link.

Rising Ocean Acidification Leads to Anxiety in Fish

Scripps News. February 24th, 2014 // A new research study combining marine physiology, neuroscience, pharmacology, and behavioral psychology has revealed a surprising outcome from increases of carbon dioxide uptake in the oceans: anxious fish. A growing base of scientific evidence has shown that the absorption of human-produced carbon dioxide into the world’s oceans is causing surface waters to decline in … Read More