To enhance public awareness on Ocean Acidification (OA), we have arranged a partnership with the Birch Aquarium ( at Scripps. The highlight of this collaboration will be a permanent museum multimedia exhibit on OA at BAS (currently under development). In addition to general information on OA, the museum exhibit will show current OA research from this project but also other ones conducted at SIO and CSM. Specialized staff at BAS will translate information provided by scientists to a language accessible for multi-age general audiences. The exhibit will include a 46” LCD touch monitor encased in a custom-made metal shroud, vertical plinth and wall graphics, and scale models. To increase accessibility to southern California’s large and growing Latino population, all digital content will be navigable in both English and Spanish.

Additionally, Tresguerres showcased research in the “Jeffrey Graham Perspectives on Ocean Science”. This is a monthly, earth and ocean science speaker series hosted by BAS that provides the public with direct access to up-to-date science in a presentation that is specifically designed for a lay audience. In addition to the onsite audience of about 100 guests, an estimated 15,000,000 viewers will access the lecture online via the BAS, UCSD-TV, UC-TV, and YouTube web sites. The series is filmed and broadcast by UCSD- and UC-TV. Birch Aquarium at Scripps serves over 400,000 museum-goers on an annual basis, and has a long-standing reputation for providing a wide variety of high-quality, science and environmental education for individuals from diverse ages and backgrounds. Birch Aquarium is the interpretive outreach center for SIO, and its mission is to provide ocean science education, interpret SIO research, and promote conservation through education and research. With less than 5% of our lives spent in the classroom, an ever-growing body of evidence and research is demonstrating that most science is learned outside of school118.


A short lecture on Ocean Acidification by Dr. Martin Tresguerres.