yuzoUndergrad Volunteer | yyanagit@ucsd.edu

Yuzo Yanagitsuru is a 4th year undergraduate volunteer in the Tresguerres lab. He is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s in biology: ecology, behavior, and evolution as well as a Bachelor’s in earth science. Yuzo wants to know everything about fish and is especially interested in fish biomechanics. In the past, Yuzo worked in Jeff Graham’s lab on mudskipper respiration physiology and its implication for the evolution of tetrapods. He also worked at the acclimation of mudsuckers to aerial exposure. He is also working at Scripps’ Marine Vertebrate Collection as a curator assistant. Yuzo is currently working with flatfish and the difference between the gills exposed to the water and the gills exposed to the sediments.

Yuzo also wants to research the biomechanics of fish behavior and functional morphology, particularly in fish locomotion because of its application in biomimetics for autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) which could be used for deep sea research. I am also interested in providing research opportunities for undergraduates and high schoolers in the future. I will be applying for graduate school in fish biomechanics labs for Fall 2015. However, above all else he hopes to teach a fish biology class at the university level. He will be applying for graduate school in fish biomechanics labs for Fall 2015.

Yuzo is currently funded by the David Marc Belkin Memorial Research Scholarship.