Samantha Noël completed her B.S. in Environmental Systems at the University of California, San Diego and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in marine biology at SIO investigating aerobic and anaerobic metabolic capacity in coral as it relates to varying physiological and ecological conditions. During her undergraduate career, Samantha gained a passion for proactive urban sustainability and served as the president for Greeks Gone Green at UCSD in which she worked with campus directors on two major installations, a Smog Eating Mural and a Solar-tile Walkway. After volunteering in the Stuart Sandin lab, working on coral identification for the 100 Island Challenge, she joined Dr. Tresguerres’ lab to complete her senior thesis focusing on coral physiology and metabolic characterization. Under the guidance of PhD student Angus Thies, Samantha explored the molecular mechanisms of symbiont interactions in coral, focusing on the role of soluble adenylyl cyclase (sAC) and vacuolar-type H+ -ATPase (VHA) in sensing carbon dioxide, pH, and bicarbonate cellular fluctuations.