Undergrad Volunteer | ljansen@ucsd.edu

Lara Jansen is aLara 4th year undergraduate volunteer in the Dr. Shurin’s and Dr. Tresguerres’ lab. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in Environmental Systems (Evolution, Behavior, Ecology). Originally from Livermore, California, she hopes to finish her Bachelor’s degree and pursue research in aquatic ecology, ecosystem ecology, and conservation biology.

She is currently working on a collaborative project with Professor Martin Tresguerres,and Professor John Shurin to study a special lake up in the Sierras. This lake gets regular injections of huge amounts of CO2 due to a CO2 seep underneath it. From this lake they collected a common family of zooplankton, Daphnia. As a control they also collected Daphnia from a lake of similar size and elevation, lacking CO2 inputs with one species in common with the CO2 lake. Lara is currently running acute CO2 exposure experiments where both populations are raised in ambient and high CO2 (a level derived from the uppermost range of the CO2 injected daily at the lake). Survivorship and fecundity in both the P1 and F1 generation are measured. Lara and her lab are testing to see if there is significant difference in the tolerance between the lake populations, the species and most importantly the lakes and CO2 levels. She is also looking for potential differences in metabolic rate between these two populations under the two CO2 levels using a microrespiration system to measure Oxygen consumption over time. 

Lara is currently funded by the Ledell Family Endowed Research Scholarship.