JennyM.S. Student |

Jenny Tu is a 2nd year M.S. student co-chaired by Dr. Deheyn and Dr. Tresguerres. Originally from Fremont, California, she moved to San Diego to complete her Bachelor’s degree in human biology at University of California, San Diego. As an undergraduate, Jenny developed her research in the Deheyn lab at SIO. Her project was primarily focused on characterizing the mechanism behind the bioluminescence capability of the mucus secreted by a marine worm, Chaetopterus sp. She tested the effect of physico-chemical conditions (pH, temperature, and salinity) and dose responses of various chemicals (metals, oxidizers, and reducers) in order to identify the key components that affect bioluminescence. Towards the end of her undergraduate project, Jenny showed evidence that the control of light production results from the balance between inhibitor and activator processes. 

Research Interests:

• Light Production, such as fluorescence and bioluminescence

• Climate Change, particularly ocean acidification

• Comparative Physiology

• Acid/Base Regulation

• Carbon-concentrating Mechanisms

• Cnidarians & Coral reefs

Jenny’s research studies the effect of ocean acidification—both acute and chronic—on the abundance of vacuolar proton pumps, reactive oxygen species, and green fluorescent proteins in the cnidarians Acropora yongei and Anemonia majano.