M.S. Student | bshimasa@ucsd.edu

Bethany Shimasaki obtained her B.S. in Marine Biology from the University of California, San Diego and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Marine Biology at SIO. Her research is focused on characterizing the role of soluble adenyl cyclase (sAC) protein and how it might be involved in the uptake of CO2 and photosynthesis in marine diatoms. Bethany was born and raised in Seattle, Washington and spent much of her time in the San Juan Islands in Northern Washington exploring tide pools and watching wildlife. She’s previously volunteered at the Seattle Aquarium as a marine science and exhibit interpreter. This grew her interest and led her to pursue a career in marine science. On top of that, she has been working as a marine naturalist on whale watching boats in the San Juan Islands for the past 5 years. While at UCSD, Bethany volunteered briefly in the Sandin Lab, helping with various studies on coral diversity and ecology, and in the Kurle Lab, studying rattlesnake diets using isotope sampling. She also assisted Dr. Robert Otis (Ripon College, WI) in collecting and processing behavior data on a population of killer whales in Washington state known as the Southern Residents as part of a 27 year-long continuous field study.  Bethany became involved in the Tresguerres lab as a volunteer under PhD candidate Daniel Yee after developing an interest in marine phytoplankton and microbiology through various classes she took.