5 New Papers to Keep You Company During Lockdown!

It’s been a few months since our last update and we’ve been busy! Namely, here are 4 new papers hot off the press: Linsmayer et al 2020-“Dynamic regulation of coral energy metabolism throughout the diel cycle.” This study examines the metabolic pathway utilization of  the coral Acropora yongei over a diel cycle. We determined that hyperoxic conditions persist in the … Read More

New Paper Out! A brain-infecting parasite impacts host metabolism both during exposure and after infection is established.

Great news, Drs. Garfield Kwan and Martin Tresguerres recently published an exciting new study as part of an international collaboration studying the effects of parasite infection on host metabolism using the killifish as a model system. Exposure to parasites caused infected killifish to acutely increase their metabolic rate and activity, indicating detection and response to parasite infectious stages. Unexpectedly, established infection reduced … Read More

New paper alert! A novel acidification mechanism for greatly enhanced oxygen supply to the fish retina

Hot off the presses, here’s an exciting collaborative project involving researchers from the University of British Columbia, Aarhus University, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and the University of Florence. Working together, we show strong evidence that vacuolar-type H+-ATPase and plasma-accessible carbonic anhydrase in the vascular structure supplying the retina act together to acidify the red blood cell leading to O2 secretion. In vivo data indicate that this … Read More

Four new papers!

If you’re seeking some fascinating reading to keep you company during COVID-19, look no further! Like many of you, our lab is closed during the pandemic (for now) but we’re all still keeping busy at home by finishing up those pesky manuscripts we’ve been procrastinating on. Enjoy! First, our newest postdoctoral researcher, Garfield Kwan, just published “Immunological characterization of two types of … Read More

New Publication: Dynamic subcellular translocation of V-type H+-ATPase is essential for biomineralization of the diatom silica cell wall

  Diatom cell walls, called frustules, are main sources of biogenic silica in the ocean and their intricate morphology is an inspiration for nanoengineering. Here we show dynamic aspects of frustule biosynthesis involving acidification of the silica deposition vesicle (SDV) by V-type H+ ATPase (VHA). Transgenic Thalassiosira pseudonana expressing the VHA B subunit tagged with enhanced green fluorescent protein (VHAB-eGFP) … Read More