3 Preprints We Want To Share With You

Hello everyone! We’ve been busy over the past few months and are ready to share 3 new preprints with our community.

First, we have 2 new papers we hope you enjoy; they are currently hosted on the bioRxiv preprint server.

  1. A Novel Nitrogen Concentrating Mechanism in the Coral-Algae Symbiosome
  2. Elucidating the Acid-Base Mechanisms Underlying Otolith Overgrowth in Fish Exposed to Ocean Acidification

Second, Dr. Tresguerres has co-authored an open letter to the Marine Biology community addressing the silent loss of cell physiology research from marine research. This letter is hosted on the EcoEcoRxiv preprint server.

  1. A Rapidly Expanding House of Cards: The Silent Loss of Cell Physiology Hampers Marine Biosciences